Ilulissat Boat Tours

Ilulissat Boat Tours started in 2017, with 1 boat Katak,

We sail with historical tour boats in Greenland. "Katak" is build in Denmark 1960 which has been under GGU until the end of 1989, after that it has been in turism as a tourboat. We operate all year around. In 2018 we bought another boat, "Esle" build in Denmark 1970 as a police boat in Greenland.

When you see picture in travel magasines around the world, those are the boats you can see in the pictures.

Now we can offer, boat tours with 24 passengers in one tour. In 2018 we also bought Ilulissat Tourist Nature, after that we became one of the tour operators in Ilulissat with all year service, where we offer tours to turist.

We offer boat tours all year around, and dogsledgning in winter.

Edvard.S. Magnussen is our Captain in Esle and some times in Katak. He has been a sailor in 32years, 

Sara Lennert is the owner of the company.

In summer time there are around 4 to 8 employees.